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There are poker players who excel playing at multiple tables during online poker tournaments. They can put their concentration into different things all at the same time and still win the casino games, bring home the cash, and then move on to bigger and higher limit online poker tables. This, of course, is not something a newbie to online poker tournaments can do.


No multiple tables

If you are new to online poker and if it is your first time to compete at online poker tournaments, then you should know multiple tables is a big no-no. In fact, newbies should avoid playing at multiple online poker tables for the very simple reason that they are not that good yet in knowing online poker tells. Their concentration will be divided since they have to compete at multiple tables, and they are surely going to miss important tells that would otherwise have given them a win.

Aside from missing out on important tells, you will also be forming a repetitive pattern, giving your opponents more clues about your poker tells. This can then cost you a win.


Knowing what is at stake

Of course, before you jump into online poker tournaments, you have to know what is at stake. It should be something that is worth winning. Furthermore, if you think that you are going to lose too much if you do lose the tournament, then do not join the table.

For this reason, never compete at a table where the stakes are going to affect the way you play your casino game. If you do, you might get too emotional to form important decisions, especially when you are having bad turns. On the other hand, if you are having a good run, the way you play just might reveal your poker tells, giving your opponents something that they can use against you.


Common mistakes

Here are the common mistakes that many online poker players commit, especially the newbies. For one, just because they know some poker, it does not mean that they can play multiple tables and play multiple hands. As stated above, watching over multiple hands means that your concentration is going to be divided, and this is something that a newbie still has to learn.

Two, bankroll management is important, and many casino players tend to play beyond what their bankrolls could afford, thinking that they could always chase after their losses. Now, this should be something that you should avoid.